Saturday, 26 April 2014

Compression Socks Running - Day 2

This morning I went for a 10k run, which ended up being 11.05k (according to MapMyRun), I clocked 54.22, two minutes slower than yesterday, without the compression socks on, however, I did run a flat 5km split only 4 seconds difference between my two 5k runs, which I was pleased with.

Compression Socks Running

[caption id="attachment_78" align="alignright" width="300"]Compression Socks New Compression Socks[/caption] It was only the second time (after Thursday 24th April) that I'd worn my compression socks. I think they're a different addition to my running, but they're good for the cold weather especially as it's getting into the winter months they work towards keeping me warm, as I always like to run in shorts. I'm not convinced of all of their claimed properties and benefits, so far I've have had a mixed experience with them. Perhaps it's because I'm not used to wearing them, or perhaps it's because my calf muscles are very big (19 inch in width). I noticed that I could feel my calf muscles getting tight during the first 5km of my run today, which I also noticed on my Thursday 5k. I am not sure if it's fatigue due to my 10k run yesterday and the 5k run before that, however, I did have a similar feeling on Thursdays when I first wore the compression socks, yet on Friday when I ran 10k without them, although I felt as though I was running tired but I didn't get the same uncomfortable feeling in my calf muscles.

Compression Socks Claims

The compression socks I purchased do claim a lot of advantages which are broken down into 3 sub categories: 1. Powerful compression wraps muscles for
  • Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced long-term overuse injuries
2. Graduated fit to increase blood circulation for
  • Faster muscular warm up pre-exercise
  • Greater power output
  • Greater oxidation of blood for faster recovery
3. Heightened proprioception for
  • Greater muscle awareness for reduced injuries
  • Faster reaction time
Some of these are bold claims. The biggest advantage for me and the reason I thought to try out the compression socks out was to try and reduce calf muscle oscillation when I'm running, I'm still not 100% convinced they're helping. Although I've only ran 15k in them so far so after a few more kilometres I'll give them a proper review, but until this point I'm not so impressed as I mentioned before, I could feel my calf muscles tightening which was an experience I've never had mid-run before.

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